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Terms & Condition

To carry on the business of buyer, seller of flats, apartments, building, land and the business of builders, engineers, architectures, contractors and Real Estate Developer.

• To purchase, acquire, take on lease, or in exchange or in any other lawful manner, any area of land, buildings, structures and to turn the same into account, develop the same and dispose of or maintain the same and to build townships, gardens, markets, housing estates, residential houses, bungalows or other buildings or conveniences thereon and to equip the same or any part thereof with all or any amenities or conveniences, drainage, facility, electricity, water supply sewerage installations and to deal with the same in any manner.

• To purchase, acquire or otherwise take over, freehold, land perpetual or leasehold land lease and building at any place or places in Bangladesh.

• To undertake the construction of multi-storied commercial, residential buildings, departmental stores, hotels, shopping centers, markets, hostels, cinema houses and to arrange sale of those to public on outright.

• To provide lands with buildings apartments, houses, flats, rooms, huts or other accommodation constructed or to be constructed by the Company for members thereof and others and on their behalf to secure loans from Government, House Building Finance Corporation, Bank and other financial institutions, insurance companies, and sources and to do all things, deeds and acts that may be necessary and incidental to build and construct such accommodation on terms and conditions that may be agreed upon by and between the parties.

• To form and incorporate any Company/Companies having its or other objects, the acquisition of all or any of the assets or control or management or development of the Company or any other objects which in the opinion of the Company could directly or indirectly assist the Company in the management of the properties and to pay all or any of the cost and expenses incurred in connection with any such promotion and incorporation and to remunerate any person or Company in any manner the Company think fit for services rendered/to be rendered in obtaining subscription for or for guaranteeing the subscription of or placing of any share in the capital of the Company or any bonds, debentures, debenture stock, securities of any Company held or owned by the Company or in which.

• The Company may have an interest or in or about the formation or promotion of the Company in which the Company may have an interest.

• To distribute all or any of the profit or property of the Company amongst the members of the Company in specie or kind but no distribution amounting to reduction of capital be made without the sanctions of the Court.