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Top 10 Online Interior Design Tools

Everyone wants to own a house for themselves and dreams to decorate them with elegant designs. But most people think only a professional interior designer can make a home beautiful and elegant. Hiring an interior designer could be less time-consuming and effective but they can go far beyond your budget. But not everyone knows that you can still decorate your house without hiring an interior designer. Some highly accessible interior design tools have made it possible to decorate your own home without any professional knowledge and skill. These tools can help you improve the color, texter, size, pattern, and light effect of your home. You can create a photorealistic portfolio with  3D images of your room before you proceed with these tools. But how are you going to start redesigning your house? Here, are some tips to follow before you start:

First Decide Your Floor design:

Designing your own house floor plans can be a reflection of your creativity and it can give you an amazing experience of your home redesigning project. It is the first stepping stone of your home designing journey. To create this floor plan you first need to decide what color and material you are going to use for your floor, how many windows and doors it is going to have and what furniture there will be.

Nowadays, it does not require any professionals to create your own floor plan. You can decide the design by yourself and no one will be there to judge you. Creating floor plans has never been so easy as there are some amazing apps to make the layout following some simple steps. You can choose between Home Design 3D and SweetHome 3D. These apps have made it simpler to create your home floor plan template with advanced virtual reality technology. They let you create 3D pictures to give you a visual reflection of your future house. You can add walls, windows, and doors and move them as well to see where they fit best. Mark on Call and Floorplanner are also very simple to use, yet extremely effective. Mark on Call lets you make custom floor plans. You can create different designs for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.  With the help of Floorplanner, you can share your designs with your family members to know their opinions.

Try Some Architectural Changes:

If you are planning to move the walls and thinking about hiring a professional, I would say try to do it yourself first. AutoDesk and SketchUp are some professional designing instruments to help you explore different architectural changes. Used by architects, designers, and engineers, this app helps you plan your walls. You can also make angled walls and move them from this place to that place. Though it can take some time to get along with this app as it is a little complicated, this app is a great help with its professional design programs.

SketchUp is a must-have app for drafters, architects, or engineers. You can create impressive 3D models of your house with its professional-quality features. Built-in customizable features allow one to add, remove, move and rearrange the structures as you wish. You can choose between their free version and a paid version. The paid version, SketchUp Pro, comes with some advanced additional features.

Choose the Wall Color Carefully:

Perfect wall color can accentuate architectural details. So, it’s necessary to give some time while choosing the wall color. Luckily, there are some tools that can help you find the best colors for your space like the Color Capture app. This portable color digitizer app allows you to take pictures of any color you like from wherever you see them. With more than 3,300 paint colors, you can choose the perfect one for you easily. You can also take photos of your rooms and try different colors on them to see which colors suit them best.

Find Your Favorite Pieces of Furniture:

The last thing to do in a redesigning project is to match furniture, rugs, curtains, and other decorative pieces. But before you buy furniture make sure that every piece of them compliments each other. They should match the overall design of your house. The same goes for curtains and rugs. Make sure that they go well with the colors of furniture and walls. In this case, Houzz could be a best friend as it allows you to pick furniture and try them in your house before buying them. You can take a picture of your bare room and try pieces of furniture to see how they look in that space. You can move a piece from one corner to another and also check if its size is perfect for your room. This app gives you access to browse from their huge collection of photos to take inspiration from.

Homestyler Interior Design and Ikea are also very useful to check how every piece of furniture will look in your space. Homestyler is even known as a “virtual fitting room”. If you want to get guidance and advice from a real professional, this app can also do it for you. Ikea is the best app to make stunning photo-realistic images of your house. You can drag and drop furniture pieces into your room and check whether they fit the exact measurements of your space.

Here Are the Best Interior Design Tools We’ve Found to Help You Redesign Your House Efficiently:

01. AutoDesk:

Cost: $2,200 Per Year

Top Use: Architectural Design

AutoDesk is the best interior design tool that helps professional interior designers to plan every detail and visualize the final result. With their advanced floor features and other 3D designing formats, you can bring your design concept to life. You can also get digital dimension lines and make real-time changes quickly. They also offer a custom renovation and design planning system. Their highly interactive rendering feature lets you see and make changes to your design in the render frame window while working. AutoDesk also has automatic time tracking features.

2. Houzz:

Cost: Free

Top Use: Interior Design Ideas:

Houzz has been serving as a leading online community for architecture, interior design, and home decor since 2009. Houzz Interior Design Ideas is a mobile application to get ideas for the interior and exterior design of your house. This app was also awarded the best app by Google in the year 2016 and it is considered as the second-best application for architects after Architects Formulator. With up to 4 Million images showing various designs, this app helps you get ideas about how to decorate your interior and exterior. They have all the latest and exclusive ideas for home decorating. You can also browse other stores to shop creative decorative items from home with your smartphone and this app. You can also ask for help from professionals and share your designs to get advice.

3. Floor Planner:

Cost: Free / $10 Per Year

Top Use: Creating Floor Plans

Looking for user-friendly but extremely effective software to design your home? I would say Floor Planner is the best software for you. This handy app lets you create 3D Floor plans, 2D Floor plans, and 3D Rendering. You can drag objects like furniture, doors, windows, and other decorative pieces into your room. You can also see them in 2D or 3D and adjust their dimension and rotation. This app gives you access to a vast library of layouts where you can get different design ideas. You can also share or print your designs across multiple social media platforms. This is cloud-based software, which means you don’t need to install this software to use it. You just need to sign up for an online account and you are all ready to get started. You can decide what pricing plan you should go for according to your need as they offer different pricing plans for different projects.

4. Ikea:

Cost: Free

Top Use: Interior Design Ideas

Ikea offers you interior items from a comprehensive catalog to decorate your dream house. You can also visualize your house as it shows everything in 3D virtual reality. You can make photo-realistic snap-shots to see how everything will really look from indifferent points. You can decorate your room, change materials, add different decorative pieces from Ikea or other world-famous brands using this single app. This app also lets you share your ideas with your friends and family to get their reviews. This app has a free version and a paid version. The free version lets you design and decorate your house with 100 pieces of furniture from various online stores and you can also make 3 realistic room photos with this version. The paid version gives you access to some additional features like specifying a more accurate room size. You can also choose from thousands of furniture and create unlimited realistic photos.

5. Homestyler Interior Design:

Cost: Free

Top Use: Interior Design Ideas

Created by Autodesk, Homestyler is an extremely user-friendly app that helps you become an interior designer for your own dream house. Using this app, you can create your own do-it-yourself (DIY) design projects. After making your floor plan, you can measure the 3D furniture to see whether they fit with your floor plan or not. With their Augmented Reality (AR) technology, you can visualize how every piece fits your space. You can decorate your house with thousands of pieces of furniture, painting, floorings, accessories from your favorite furniture stores. You can make your own Homestyler profile and share your ideas with millions of talented stylers from all over the world. This app also allows you to recreate any design idea you like from Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram. However, Homestyler is a great app for those who want to create their own home projects without hiring a professional interior designer.

6. Color Capture:

Cost: Free

Top Use: Find Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore has been being considered for a long time as the No. 1 paint color source for interior designers and architects. Developed by them, Color Capture is a wonderful app to snap any color whenever and whatever you feel like. You can snap a picture of any color inspiration and this app will translate it into a workable color palette. You can pick any color you want and compare it with more than 3,300 hues Benjamin Moore paint shades. This app also lets you test different colors on up to 5 surfaces like walls, ceiling, etc. You are also given the chance to test out various color combinations in multiple colors. The interface is an extremely user-friendly app too. This app is absolutely an amazing option if you are looking to find color inspiration from anywhere you like.

7. SketchUp Viewer:

Cost: Free / $695

Top Use: Architectural Design

Owned by  Trimble Inc, SketchUp Viewer is a handy drawing app for architects, interior designers, and video game developers. This  3D modeling computer program lets you make 3D drawings of your project, as well as store and share your projects. If you have an ARKit (iOS) or ARCore (Android) enabled device, you can also enjoy their AR model viewing feature. Available for all SketchUp Shop, SketchUp Pro, and SketchUp Studio subscribers, this feature shows your 3D models merged with the real world around you. You can open and download your 3D models from their 3D Warehouse too. Their Select tool and Entity Info panel enable you to measure edge lengths, the area of faces, and the volume of solids. You can use their web-based application, SketchUp Free if you’re looking for a free tool. To experience some additional features you can also go for their paid version, SketchUp Pro.

8. Planner 5D:

Cost: Free

Top Use: Interior Design Ideas

Whether you’re remodeling, renovating, or designing your home, Planner 5D can help you plan, organize and visualize your home without any hassle. You can make immersive 2D and 3D models of your exterior and interior. Their built-in library of furnishing items lets you choose from a vast collection of a 3000+ item catalog. You can customize your room with furniture, walls, floors, colors, and patterns you like. The Snapshot module allows you to make realistic HD visualizations with realistic lighting, textures, and shadows. This app also has a project estimation tool to track total expenses based on your project. The premium version gives you access to all these tools. But you can also try their free version if you want. The main difference between these two versions is the premium version enables you to choose from a larger catalog of design items.

9. Home Design 3D:

Cost: Free with In-App Purchases

Top Use: Creating Floor Plans

Home Design 3D is an excellent interior design and home decoration 3D design simulation app to help you with your home designing and remodeling project. You can design your floor plans in 2D and 3D with this app. You can adjust the height and thickness of the walls. You can draw your rooms, corners, dividers and add windows and doors. The app lets you choose from 1600+ pieces of the most stylish furniture and accessories to furnish and decorate your rooms. By changing the size, color, position, and altitude of any object, you can customize your own design. Another good feature of this app is you can import pictures as texture and apply them anywhere you want. You can visualize your project in real-time 3D and also experience the result day and night. The cross-platform compatibility lets you export and continue your project across other devices. If you are looking for a quick and intuitive solution for your next home renovation project, you should definitely try this app.

10. SweetHome 3D:

Cost: Free

Top Use: Interior Design Ideas

SweetHome 3D is a free interior design application that enables users to make 2D plans of a house, with 3D photo-realistic images. You can customize the color, texture, thickness, size, orientation, and location of walls, furniture, ceilings, and floors of your house. This one-window application allows you to choose furniture and appliances from a built-in searchable furniture catalog. This app helps you make a more realistic photo as you can test out lighting and sunlight effects based on the geographical locations of your house and the time of the day to create a virtual environment. Blueprints can be imported from scanned photos and you can save the photos in various file formats like png, png, obj, and svg. This app is really a useful app with many easy learning features.

Make Your Old House Feel New!

Remodeling your home not only increases the home value but also gives you the joy of freshness. Furnishing your home with new accessories, adding more windows for circulation of air and natural light can increase the home comfort. But it does not mean you have to go beyond your budget to renovate your house. You can renovate your dream house and still be on budget with these affordable and handy interior design tools.


01. Question: What is the Best free interior Design App?

Answer: There are a lot of free interior design apps to choose from including Homestyler, Houzz, Ikea, Planner 5D, etc. But among them, Homestyler is the best free-of-cost home decorating app that can help you with all the necessary interior designing tools to remodel your dream house.

02. Question: Is the Homestyler app on the app store?

Answer: Yes, you can find the Homestyler app on the app store. iPhone and iPad users can easily download this app from the app store.

03. Question: What can interior design software do for you?

Answer: Nowadays, various interior design software has made it possible to make floor plans and designs without hiring any professional interior designer. With this app, you can easily make your space planning and create 2D and 3D pictures to visualize your designs. Doing the interior design for your own home with these handy apps is more time-saving and cost-effective than hiring a professional.

04. Question: Is there a 3D app for Houzz Home Design?

Answer: Houzz has recently launched an exclusive feature named “View in My Room 3D”. This option lets you try out the furniture before you buy them. That means with this new augmented reality tool, you can imagine what furniture would actually look like in your room.

05. Is SketchUp free for Personal Use?

Answer: If you want to use SketchUp for your personal projects, you can go for SketchUp Free. To create simple models, this free version is best suited. It is a good option for beginners who want to get started with a project.